Direct Media volunteers gave a new outfit to the amphitheatre in Children’s Village

The amphitheater in the open part of the complex of the social care institution “Dr Milorad Pavlovic” in Sremska Kamenica, was reconstructed with the help of employees in the Direct Media system.

The old concrete amphitheater needed renewal in the form of removal of worn-out layer and new concrete. After the concrete was replaced, the employees of Direct Media system painted the amphitheater in the colours of the rainbow which are usually mentioned in the Children’s Village anthem.

On the same day, the exhibition of the exhibition in the virtual reality “The Experience of Tesla”, which Direct Media donated to the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, also organized for children. “The space was given a new dimension, and the children had the opportunity to socialize with volunteers, to see the presentation of Nikola Tesla via VR, as well as to play with the animators. All this has been made possible by Direct Media, and we are therefore extremely grateful to them for that” said Mirko Jankelić, Acting Director of “Dr Milorad Pavlović” in Sremska Kamenica. The action of the arrangement of the amphitheater lasted for 8 hours, and during this time it was painted about 400 square meters of amphitheater, which was previously renovated by Direct Media volunteers.

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