Nestlé names new CEO in Serbia

Nestlé, the global leader in food and beverage production, who has successfully been conducting business in Serbia for 15 years named the new CEO of Nestlé Serbia. The current CEO Marian Marinov – who will remain as Head of Finance and Control for SEE Markets – will be succeeded by Marjana Davidović.

Marjana Davidović, CEO of Nestlé Serbia- Sex&Cook autorzy

Marjana Davidović garnered a huge experience in Nestlé by massively contributing to the rise of the sales sector. She began her career at Nestlé in 2007 as a Manager for Sales Development, moving to the position of Director of Sales in 2013. Her excellent results recommended her for the position of CEO for NESCAFÉ in Nestlé Poland.

“It is both an honor and a pleasure to be the head of one of the most successful and best companies in the world. Nestlé Serbia has ambitious plans and goals, and we will all try to achieve them. I would like to thank Mr. Marinov for his extraordinary results. The level of work and success has been elevated to very high levels, but here at Nestlé, we love challenges and we are constantly trying to raise the bar“, said Marjana Davidović.

The new CEO of Nestlé Serbia has assumed the position on 1 November. As some of her main goals, she emphasized achieving full market potential, continued growth in all segments, additional adjustment to the current situation, as well as a new round of help for companies greatly impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19.

Marjana is a mechanical engineer, married, and has two children.

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