Official Insurance of the 25th Children’s Marathon: Winner of Children’s Marathon gets a bike from UNIQA Insurance as a gift

In the Garden of Good Hope, on Saturday, April 14th, the 25th Children’s Marathon will be held, and UNIQA Insurance has provided all the participants and provided a special gift for the winner – a bike.

UNIQA has been a proud sponsor and official insurance for this event for over 5 years. Children’s marathon is a unique event because of the ambience where it is held, the Belgrade Zoo, and because of its smallest participants – small marathoners! Winner of the Children’s Marathon will get, traditionally from UNIQA Insurance, a bike for a gift. Also, UNIQA has prepared gifts for second-ranked and third-placed participants, as well as for the popular Pužić (The Little Snail). By sponsoring this children’s event that gathers kids and kids from pre-school institutions, UNIQA Insurance continues to promote a sport and a healthy lifestyle, with the message that it is extremely important that children’s talent for sports is recognized and supported at the maximum.


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