Rakuten Viber Reports 4x Higher Call Volume

Rakuten Viber, one of the world’s biggest communication platforms, has increased its capacity for core features and created a number of initiatives around togetherness and positive mental attitude during the global COVID-19 outbreak. The result is a significant increase in usage worldwide.

Over the past few weeks, engagement has increased across the entire platform. The most popular features right now are in communication—specifically group messages and calls. Group messages sent are 134% greater, and the number of group calls received by an average Viber user rose 370% in the past two weeks. The average number of Сommunity engagement has risen 78%, with initiatives such as Washington Post news updates and helping to spread valuable information on safety procedures to Viber’s user base during periods of isolation. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19: 

  • the number of new daily active Viber has increased by 18% in March 

  • the number of new users registering in the app daily is up 25% 

  • people are making longer

  •  calls – the call duration is up by 35%

  • users are sending 75% more videos

During this challenging time, we are adapting and responding to help keep friends and families, students and teachers, coworkers and partners in constant contact with each other. Our users rely on us, and we will continue enhancing their experience while keeping people connected freely and safely,” said Rakuten Viber CEO, Djamel Agaoua. 

In particular, the following changes have also occurred in the application:

  1. The number of participants in audio calls on Viber increased from 5 to 20 people at a time;

  2. To spread the word about the importance of current healthcare guidance, Viber sent a message with safety instructions from WHO to several million people in 22 languages;

  3. To help people separate fact from fiction about the coronavirus, Viber is launching an official WHO bot and is working with Unicef U-Reports to deliver real-time updates and information about the coronavirus  in multiple languages;

  4. To disseminate official information about COVID-19, Viber, together with local health authorities, launched official communities in 12 countries where users can receive official and trusted information about the pandemic and precautionary measures;

  5. The app has launched a new “stay home” sticker campaign to keep people entertained to get through these trying times.


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