“Singers United” Christmas Concert on 14 December

“Singers United” international choir was founded in March 2018. Members of the choir come from the diplomatic and international community and other Serbian choirs, with an odd plain music lover or two. A large number of choristers have sung with Katarina Milošević before in another international choir, which she conducted with same vigour and devotion. Naturally when she decided to form “Singers United”, most of us followed her, because we all love her style and choice of repertoire.

The only requirement to join “Singers United” is to know how to sing! It has no age barriers and we have had families singing together in the choir. Curiously enough, at our Spring concert we had one song especially composed and arranged for our choir by our lead tenor, which also proves we’re one big family.
The repertoire ranges from classical, medieval to contemporary and traditional and the songs are in Serbian, English, French, Italian, Macedonian to Old Norse and Latin. We have 15 nationalities singing together as one and this makes a difference.

But, what actually unites us is Katarina’s specific style, her meticulous taste and detailed preparation, and what is most appealing to the choristers is the relaxed atmosphere at choir practice and Kaya’s special sense of humour. After a hard days work, it’s normal to look for a bit of fun, and our philosophy is that “if it isn’t fun, we won’t do it!”

The choir works together with other Serbian choirs, and we have concerts in Belgrade and other towns of Serbia. We donate all funds collected at concerts and it would be quite true to say that “we sing for some food and drink”. Our plan is also to participate at international choir festivals, sing-along concerts and competitions.

A big thanks to our sponsors for their valuable support, most of all the “Italian Institute of Culture” who have hosted our previous concerts and will host, we’re proud to announce this year’s “Singers United” Christmas Concert “”Belgrade Noël” at 19:00 on 14 December.

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