Telenor has the best mobile network in Serbia, the best 4G network, the best 3G network, the highest quality internet experience (web browsing) and the highest quality of the voice service is confirmed by another independent RATEL measurement of the quality of mobile networks in Serbia, 2018.

“Telenor has the best overall result in the benchmarking campaign conducted in 2018,” according to RATEL’s measurements of the Mobile Network in Serbia (2018 Benchmark).

Telenor continues to be the largest and highest quality 4G network in Serbia
Telenor has the best result that shows the level of 4G signal in all three categories: in large and small cities, and along roads.

According to RATEL, the highest level of 4G signals in the country is measured, which allows for wide coverage of the population and reliable internet connection. This is another indication that Telenor has the highest quality 4G coverage indoor coverage.

Best coverage with 3G signal

Telenor has the largest share of measurement with excellent 3G signal level, say in RATEL’s measurement. Together with 4G, it makes us the largest mobile network in the country.
The highest quality Internet and voice service experience

Telenor has achieved the best results on Web Browsing measurements due to the constant availability of Internet users and the highest percentage of realized internet sessions.

Also, the Telenor voice service is measured as the highest quality, which confirms the highest percentage of the successfulness of realized calls and the highest quality voice signal in large and small cities.

These results are another proof that Telenor has a reliable and quality network that grows and improves every year in the direction of demanding user needs.

Photo: Rade Ilić

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