The Empire of Coffee finally in Belgrade: The first Starbucks arrives at the Rajić Shopping Center


Pleasant atmosphere, aroma of coffee of top quality and a name on a glass with a green logo … of course you hit. Starbucks, the world’s largest and favorite coffee retailer in March, arrives in Belgrade at Rajic Shopping Center.
Starbucks, on average, opens two stores a day, has over 28,000 stores in its chain at this moment, in a coffee made of the highest quality grain from Ethiopia and Honduras, the average customer reaches six times a month, and loyal over 16.

In the spring of next year, the opportunity to enrich their first day of everyday life with their favorite coffee and get acquainted with the true spirit of New York will have lovers of good shopping at the Rajić Shopping Center. In addition to shopping experiences that are better than any shopping and restaurants with the most beautiful view of the city, Rajic will soon allow its customers to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere that the whole world is talking about and over 87,000 combinations of beverages that you can order at this place.

We are waiting for you at a famous shopping location in the heart of the city. Welcome!

Photo: editorial Monticello Shutterstock

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