The first “Success is a blend” conference in Serbia was held

The three-day conference Success is a blend by which Chivas Regal gathered experts in the field of marketing, business and IT profession for the first time in Serbia.

Success is a blend is a powerful universal message that Chivas transmits around the planet. Chivas believes it is blended better, both in business and when it comes to whiskey. Chivas believes that our personal blend is what makes us unique, and that only through cooperation with others and sharing success within the team can we achieve a real success.

Within the framework of the first evening, in the company of 50 selected representatives of the profession, Miša Lukic, one of the most prominent brands and business designers in Central and Eastern Europe, gave a lecture on The blend of creativity and business.

“Marketing as such is actually a blend and I think that in the future, the term marketing mix will replace the word blend. After 25 years of marketing, I can say that from this profession, we have the greatest potential and advantage in relation to others who are engaged in innovation, the future of our business, and creativity in business is what makes a fundamental difference “- said Mr. Lukić, founder of New Startegy, the first business design company in South East Europe.

Other nights of the conference, representatives of the business community addressed prof. Dr Goran Pitić, Professor of Economics and Associate MOC Professor at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School USA, through a lecture on Digital Transformation.

“We live in a world that develops exponentially on a technological basis, while human adaptability is linear, and the question is how much a person will be able to get rid of what is happening in the world of technology. The point is that we understand that technologies are the ones that can enable the processes to take place, and that at the center of the event there is still a man. He must have a vision and know how to explain why things are happening, and technologies will explain how, “said Mr. Pitic.

Last night, their experiences from today’s most frequently mentioned IT profession were shared by Ivan Gligorijevic, CEO of the domestic mabrain train company, which developed a mobile device for recording and analyzing the electrical activity of the brain. He talked with his guests with a lecture on Blend of technology and psychology in modern consumer research.

After the lecture, the guests addressed the legendary Colin Scott, Custodian Master Blender Chivas Regal, who through his workshop taught guests to recognize individual notes of this unique whiskey and make her perfect blend.

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