The “good old south” spirit

Inspired by the 80th anniversary of the premiere of the cult film “Gone with the wind”, Diplomacy & Commerce Magazine organized a cocktail evening at the House of King Peter I.

Robert Čoban, President of CPG addressed the audience: “This year’s party should remind us that the theme is not only lost love, but also the horror of the war, and that it is a very important message to us to accept diversity and live in harmony”. Mrs. Ester Bajer, Holocaust survivor, through her life story, reminded everyone present how much every day spent in this world is worth.


In the beautiful garden, guests enjoyed the open air cinema, southern cocktails, and the music “of the good old South”. MARS company announced a new member of the chocolate family Maltesers with an extroadinary performance.


The “good old south” spirit, was enjoyed by over 200 guests, among them Thomas Kuchta, Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Gordan Bakota, Ambassador of Croatia, Radtko Vlajkov, Ambassador of Bulgaria, as well as other representatives of the diplomatic corps, and public and cultural scene in Serbia.

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