The premiere of the Jaguar E-PACE model


After the pre-premiere in November last year, British Motors also organised the premiere of the new Jaguar SUV E-pace. In an atypical place to present the car, British Motors introduced its new member of the Jaguar family on ice, more precisely at the Delta City Skate Rink.

In the winter atmosphere, the media, guests and visitors warmed up this hot day as well as the special point of artistic modern skating, but also the Jaguar E-pace itself. The new model in the category of compact SUVs has already been in the permanent setting of the British Motors. The sale of this model has already started and in the coming days the first delivery of this model is expected. The E-pace model, like its older brother (F-pace), entered the Guiness’ Book of Records, with its 15-meter jump and 270-degree turnover, on the world premiere, the first presentation in London last year.

“It is our great pleasure to be one of the few countries that has the opportunity to organise and premiere models for the domestic market in a short period of time from the world’s premieres. This time, it is the first compact SUV model of the Jaguar E-PACE. This is a compact SUV model that is something between the big SUV, the F-PACE and the F-TYPE coupe. It took something from both models, but first of all brought some of his own, authentically, and above all it refers to the outer appearance and design, as well as full commitment to the driver, but also to other ferns. Sales of the Jaguar E-PACE have already begun, the interest in this model is high, and British Motors stands at the service of all interested and potential customers for this model” said Ostoja Mijailović, the owner and general manager of British Motors.

The Jaguar E-PACE belongs to the category of compact SUVs. Dynamic, agile, sporty terrain with coupe lines. It is extremely characteristic of the spacious enerer and cabin with high quality materials. Additionally, additional enhanced security and high performance give special features to this model. It is designed to make the drive safer and more comfortable, and thanks to the Touch Pro infotainment system used on the tablet’s touch screen, the driver easily finds information about the vehicle and the outside world. The price of the basic package of the new Jaguar family member is €34,640.

More information about Jaguar vehicles for our market can be found on the British Motors website, which is an exclusive distributor

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