The project entitled SENSES OF EUROPE, implemented by the association EDUFONS – CENTRE FOR LIFELONG LEARNING from Novi Bečej, was launched on June 10th. This is a YOUTH EXCHANGE project, co-financed by the European Union (the TEMPUS Foundation) through the ERASMUS PLUS programmes.

Apart from the hosts from Serbia, from the municipalities Novi Bečej, Bač and Belgrade, guests from North Macedonia also participated in this quality programme. Together with their leaders, young people from Ohrid, Struga and Skopje, will learn about cultural heritage, tradition, ecology, social values and other interesting details related to Serbia and the environment in which they are staying, and will also present part of their identity through the workshops and case studies.

The key theme of this project is the European values that are based on youth mobility, youth policy, learning and their development, identity and culture, self-evaluation, multiculturalism, respect for diversity, an affirmation of anti-discrimination, ecology and other social and life values.

In addition to participating in interactive workshops, lectures, discussions and case simulations, young people from North Macedonia and Serbia will be introduced to local cuisine and old crafts, and will visit important localities in the municipality of Novi Becej – Arača and Slano Kopovo, Glavaš house, the Orthodox and Catholic churchs, and Novi Bečej municipality, as well as enjoy traditional music, songs and dancing by folklore ensembles.

Text and photo: Gordana Bjelajac

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