10th anniversary “Digital” conference and 1st “Digital Awards”

The #Digital2023 conference this year marks a milestone as it is the 10th anniversary of the event, which was initially launched back in September of 2014

In honor of the anniversary, we decided to launch the “Digital Awards“, awarding the best in the fields of media, telecommunications, marketing, PR, ICT industry, and digital innovation.

The “Digital Awards” ceremony will take place on September 15., at 19:30 at the end of this year’s #Digital2023 conference at the Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade

The members of the “Digital Awards 2023” jury are:

  1. Danijela Jovanović, NALED
  2. Ivan Stanković, Communis
  3. Marija Matić, Direct Media
  4. Slavimir Stojanović, designer
  5. Danijela Rakić, the Serbian Association of Managers
  6. Jelena Medaković, director of the Museum of the City of Belgrade
  7. Zoran Torbica, Adria Summit
  8. Biljana Jotić, director of the Museum of Applied Art
  9. Dušan Jovović, multimedia artist


  1. Best Social Media Campaign (Company)
  2. Best radio campaign (company)
  3. Best online campaign (company)
  4. Best campaign on TV (company)
  5. Best print campaign (company)
  6. Best outdoor campaign (company)
  7. Best domestic TV series (production)
  8. Best domestic film (production)
  9. Best domestic news TV show (television)
  10. Best Domestic Entertainment Show (television)
  11. Leader of social responsibility (ICT company)
  12. PR manager of the year (person)
  13. CSR manager of the year (person)
  14. Creativity and decency in communication on social networks (person)
  15. The most creative management of social networks (company)

Applications are open from 01.06. until 01.09.:

The following information should be sent to jelena.jahura@color.rs:

For all categories:

  1. Number and name of the category for which you are applying
  2. Name and the address of the company
  3. Contact person (mobile phone + email address)

For categories 1 to 6:

  1. Name of the campaign
  2. Duration of the campaign
  3. Name of the team or agency that created the campaign
  4. Brief description of the campaign – up to 10 sentences.
  5. Brief description of campaign results – up to 10 sentences
  6. Attach the campaign file (video, audio, or PDF)

For categories 7 to 10:

  1. Name of the project (series, film, show)
  2. Author of the project
  3. Project trailer
  4. Short description of the project up to 10 sentences, link to the website

For categories from 11 to 15:

  1. Short explanation of candidacy – up to 10 sentences
  2. Attach a file (video, audio, pdf) or links to media publications

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