The 12th edition of the Science Festival will be held from November 29th to December 2nd at the Belgrade Fair with visitors from around the region, leading them with a set of settings, experiments, program shows and workshops to travel through the unique Earth of the future! The general sponsor of the Science Festival for the sixth consecutive year is NIS, a company that relies on modern technologies and innovations every day in all business segments.

The biggest scientific festival in South East Europe this year is held under the slogan “Earth of the Future” with the goal of re-examining the future of our planet, but also offering scientific, ecological and sustainable solutions to the generations ahead. And all of this, like in previous years, with many interesting experiments, exciting challenges and the latest scientific trends brought to Belgrade this fall by scientists from all over the world.

“Thinking about how to preserve our planet in the best possible condition, we are improving how much we can correct mistakes that we have made as mankind in the past few decades, at this year’s Science Festival we decided to present to all visitors the Earth of the future”, explains the Maria Pavlović. “Through interactive settings, science show programs and workshops tailored to visitors of all ages, we want to emphasize the role of the individual, but also the community, in this story, especially emphasizing the role science plays in all of this. Because it is science that can best deal with all the problems of today and firmly believe that with this little help from scientists and their important innovations this world can really have a nice future for all of us. ”

This year’s Science Festival will be held in Halls 3, 3A and 5 Belgrade Fair. Thus, the Earth of the future will extend to 6,500 square meters and will gather more than 60 scientific and educational institutions from Serbia. This means that every visitor who is preparing to travel to the Earth of the future will receive more than 600 scientists and scientific demonstrators ready to make their beautiful, greener and safer place to live with their knowledge and skill.

“The program is rich and diverse, so our visitors will have the opportunity to see the latest technologies this year, find out what kind of vessels we will sail in the future, learn more about energy and discover how with a little effort they can preserve vital elements of nature such as water , plant and animal world. We are going through the steps of forest animals, spending time in the wild, visiting space stations and reaching even the interstellar space, “said Nenad Zarić, program coordinator of the Science Festival. “We will work with visitors on their skills, whether it’s rowing challenges or psychological routines, we will examine puzzling volcanoes within ourselves and discover how it is possible to save life in several moves. In order to understand the future, we need to know the past, so we will also set up some timeplays at the festival that will lead us back to different epochs until the Mesozoic. ”

On this occasion, the festival will present a rich international program to its owners. With its incredible playground where, with little recycling help, new life gets old and forgotten training exercises, from

Spain comes to the Gishot de Vuit collective (Hall 3a). For the first time, the Czech Science Fellowship is coming to the Fascinating Physical Theater UDiF, which will show at the Scientific and Fantastic Stage (Hall 5) a series of experiments that the combination of quite ordinary household items and physics can lead to experiments that leave little children and their parents without words! French scientists from the National Research Center Inria will tell us how robots can hear us and whether and how much they understand, while the French group of artists Inercia will move the boundaries of the possible and revise the basic laws of physics with a series of acrobatic points. The prize-winners of the festival, representatives of the AHHAA Scientific Center from Estonia this time to Belgrade come with a new science show program in which they demonstrate and show the most in-depth characteristics of water. From the USA, the famous American neurosurgeon and TED star Greg Gage returns to the festival, which will show all visitors that the initial steps of each neuroscientist can be performed in their own backyard, with very simple experiments and more than affordable equipment. After last year’s Polish tandem of Hevelius Science through the science demonstrated what it takes to possess and know a secret agent, this time they are ready to send the agent 007 into space and examine his abilities outside our planet! A team of scientists from the University of Vienna, led by artist Bogomir Doringer, will be introducing all the visitors with the physical nature of ferrofluids in a specially designed workshop, revealing a number of secrets of magnetism. Domestic painters at the Science and Fantasy Theater will defend the genius Milan Popović whose show will be more explosive than ever, while students of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Belgrade will demonstrate through the scientific play that this chemistry can be fun but also dangerous for those who irresponsibly play it .

At last year’s Science Festival, more than 30,000 thousands of satisfied visitors met one on one with numerous scientific challenges and the world of science, thus confirming its position as the biggest event in promoting science and education in South East Europe.

The general sponsor of the Science Festival for the sixth consecutive year is NIS, a company that relies on modern technologies and innovations every day in all business segments. In this way, NIS and the Science Festival together contribute to the affirmation of science and education among young people in Serbia, which is one of the strategic goals of the company that realizes its socially responsible projects under the slogan “The future at work”.
For the tenth time in a row, the Friend of the event is mts.

Support to the festival is the Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, the French Institute, the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Center for the Promotion of Science. The manifestation is co-organized by the Belgrade Fair.

Sponsors of the twelfth Science Festival are: Elektroprivreda Srbije, Erste Bank, National Geographic and Grafix.

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