The celebrated basketball player, Žarko Paspalj, will hold a lecture on the topic “See life on the bright side”, on Tuesday, October 23 at 8 pm, at the Cineplexx cinema hall in UŠĆE Shopping Center. His lecture will be thirteen in a row, as part of the project “I’m so happy, because I want it”, which is centered around the Center for Personal Development, LEPO MI JE i UŠĆE Shopping Center.

Žarkov’s rich basketball career consisted of numerous victories and championship titles, but also the challenges that followed him. And on a private plane he had situations from which he always came out even stronger and smiling on his face. How he succeeded, what was most important to him, the hardest, and easily, he would share with the audience at the upcoming lecture.

The Center for Personal Development “I’m Beautiful” and UŠĆE Shopping Center, with the project “I’m Beautiful, because I so wish, try to provide inspiration and motivation through the stories of well-known and accomplished people.

“From people who have achieved great success in their work and life, there is always something good to learn. Perhaps they have the answer or the idea that is needed at this moment. That’s why we carefully select lecturers and themes, “says Milica Stojiljkovic, the author of the project and founder of the Center for Personal Development” I’m Nice “.

She adds that every previous lecture was unique and that the audience from athletes, professors, actors, musicians, writers, trainers heard numerous ideas and received answers to key life issues.

“It is important for us to offer our visitors a completely different experience, which is thinking about yourself, your goals and your life priorities,” says Nevena Martinović, PR Shopping Center Shopping Center, adding that all interested cards for the lecture Žarka Paspalja can be bought at the cash desk cinema Cineplexx, at a price of 500 dinars.

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