150 years of business of Nestlé Celebration

Nestlé is already 150 years old and it creates shared value for consumers, customers and the local community through products and services that correspond to the expectations and desires of local consumers. In celebration of 150 years of business, the key issues for the food industry will be discussed by the management Nestlé Adriatic during the celebration of 150 years of work in Hotel Hyatt Regency on Thursday.


The key speakers will be:

Yana Mikhailova, Regional Director of Nestlé Adriatic, for the first time, will address the media in Serbia and talk about corporate values ​​relating to nutrition, health and healthy lifestyles of consumers, the importance of education in the field of nutrition for the healthy growth of young generations as well as the company’s initiative to increase the employability of young people,

Renata Matusinović, executive director of business categories culinary assortment of Nestlé Adriatic, will present the habits of consumers today in Serbia and the ways that the company applies the commitment to proper nutrition through the development and renovation of its products, as well as through transparency in communication,

Marjan Davidović, commercial director of Nestlé Adriatic, will reflect on the creation of added value for local consumers through the introduction of new trends and innovations from the world market, as well as the ways in which companies, in addition to meeting their needs, find the most efficient way to customers at retail locations,

Nebojša Jovanović, Director of the Nestlé factory food and confectionary products in Surčin, will speak about the company’s efforts to create added value for the local community and new management principles applied in the factory in Surčin and result in raising the level of product quality and safety, production efficiency, the level of expertise of employees, as well as safety in the workplace.

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