170h of different programme marking 170 years of Carlsberg Group

This year, the Carlsberg Group celebrates 170 years of existence, and this is an original campaign of as many as 170 hours of the most diverse programme. The celebration of a significant jubilee of companies began with a series of short films shot from the drones to record the most significant landmarks of Copenhagen. For 170 hours, people around the world had the opportunity to see and feel the impact Carlsberg has in the world of brewing, as well as in the city of Copenhagen itself. All this will come to life through various exhibitions, special tastings, organized tours, to end up with probably the best party on August 26th.

An exhibition titled “The streets around the world” was opened in which there is a Carlsberg edition of the famous photo of the old Carlsberg brewery, which was not in use for more than a decade, but is now open specially on this occasion.

Founder of Carlsberg J.K. Jakobsen, on Wednesday 23 August, took place at a special TED Talk, which was organized in Carlsberg Glyptotek, to the visitors and beer lovers shared his philosophy of life and philosophy with whom he founded the Carlsberg brewery, which now connects all employees in Carlsberg.

In addition, Carlsberg has also revealed the latest invention of sustainable development to mark the recent release of its new program Together, we are going towards zero”. On Friday 25 August, Carlsberg Foundation organized a big event in the Concert Hall of Danish Radio, called The Art of light, which the world-famous artist Olafur Eliasson and distinguished professor at Harvard, Professor Lene Hau talked about science, art and light. The most important event of the was held on Saturday 26 August, when the Carlsberg Group initiated probably the best street party in the world, for all interested visitors at the Old Carlsberg’s way in Copenhagen.

During the week, Visit Carlsberg invites all gastronomy lovers to experience a unique menu where art learns science. The Carlsberg Museum Director has teamed up with experts at the Carlsberg Research Center to create a quality menu together using only ingredients that are used for brewing beer.

On the occasion of the 170th anniversary of the Carlsberg Group, it is possible to fly” on the website through the Carlsberg world, as well as around it. Two drones will take you through the old Carlsberg brewery, familiarize you with our horses in Valby, as well as a beautiful collection of works of art, which is located in New Carlsberg Glyptotek, with the statue of The Little Mermaid at Langelinie in, donated by Jacobsen, until Frederiksborg castle, whose reconstruction was financed by Jakobsen. In this unique trip, the user can control the speed of the drone itself. And in the end, especially on the occasion of important anniversaries is made unique graphic universe is made of cans, bottles and POS materials and to a wide range of digital solutions across social and other digital platforms, the most Carlsberg markets worldwide.

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