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Diverse rewards for dm in the pandemic era

 The largest drugstore chain in Europe – dm drogerie markt, a retailer of food, drinks, household, and personal care items, was founded in 1973 in Germany. This Austrian-German company has been operating in the Serbian market for over 17 years and has always been focused on supporting the community, which has been especially evident in the past year. In the era of the Coronavirus pandemic, they have become an example of support when it comes to employees, the environment, as well as the whole community. Thanks to such an approach, the company won numerous awards right in the year of the pandemic.

Based on a comprehensive assessment of activities related to relations with employees and customers, the Chamber of Human Resources Managers awarded dm the gold award “Best in Serbia 2020”, but also the recognition for “Best Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic”. The company has received these awards owing to its thorough approach to employees in this period, where dm took a number of measures that included the payment of Covid bonuses in the amount of RSD 18,000 with a regular September salary, necessary health care, systematic examination and free Covid testing and numerous training workshops.

dm was recognised as a leader in several corporate segments. According to the research of youth preferences, conducted by the Belgrade Youth Fair in cooperation with the Employer Branding Agency, the dm company took first place in the category of the Most Desirable Employer in the field of retail. The survey was conducted in December 2020 and included 2,870 respondents from all regions of Serbia. However, this is not the first time that dm has been awarded similar recognition since it was in the top 15 companies on the list of most desirable employers in Serbia in July last year, taking first place among retail chains, as part of the “TalentX” survey conducted by a specialized portal Jobs Infostud.

dm was recognised as a leader in several corporate segments

Guided by a mission to always be at the top of the ladder and to follow all the trends that are in front of them, dm continuously acts in the spirit of the times and applies innovations in every segment of the business. Thanks to that, the company also received the recognition “Top 50 – the best online things” in the Instagram category, which is awarded by the PC Press editorial office.

Known for its constant aspiration to be socially responsible, dm also carried out various humanitarian activities in the previous year. For the second year in a row, they gave Black Friday a new meaning by directing five percent of the traffic on that day to humanitarian purposes. A total of three million dinars were collected for a donation to the soup kitchens of the Serbian Red Cross. In addition, the company donated two medical respirators worth 36,000 euros to the Institute of Public Health “Milan Jovanovic Batut” in order to contribute to the fight against the Coronavirus, as well as to facilitate the recovery of chronic patients who are treated in health institutions across Serbia.

Having participated in a great number of humanitarian activities in the previous year, dm continues its charitable work based on a corporate philosophy that focuses on human being. The company says that they are looking forward to providing help to those who need it the most whenever they can, so as the next activity in that regard, dm has a donation to the Safe House in Belgrade on Women’s Day. With the aim of contributing to the empowerment and support of women, the company directed goods and products to this organization in the amount of RSD 500,000.

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