A growth of 71% in mobile banking transactions

UniCredit Bank recommends its customers to use digital channels from the beginning of pandemic in order to reduce the need for physical contact and thus help prevent the spread of the virus. Even for those who have not previously used these services, the bank has enabled the installation of a mobile application without visiting the branch, by providing short training online. Additionally, dedicated telephone lines have been opened to support new users to switch to digital banking transactions as quickly as possible.

Feza Tan, CEO of UniCredit Bank, stated: „According to analyzes of mobile banking usage, the number of transactions in March increased by 71% compared to the same period last year, while the number of users of this service increased by 30%. Furthermore, thanks to our network of multifunctional ATMs where payment is also possible, there has been an increase in the volume of payments by about 25%, in the same period, which means that we support micro and small companies and entrepreneurs in their day-to-day banking operations. I would also mention the timely reactions and measures of National Bank of Serbia with the aim to preserve stability of the financial system and to support citizens, elderly citizens and the economy. It is important to say that that with joint forces banks continued to serve the clients and thanks to business continuity we are able to transfer smoothly to the next step.

UniCredit Bank quickly adapted to the new situation, having invested significant resources and time in the previous period for the improvement of digital channels. Moreover, pensions, renewed cards and checks elderly people receiving on their home address. In this way, the bank has shown itself to be able to tackle all the challenges, to adapt to any unpredictable situation and to learn something new out of it.

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