More than 4 million dinars donated by Grawe Osiguranje to provide assistance in this state of emergency

Since the very onset of the state of emergency caused by the outbreak and spread of the virus COVID-19 GRAWE Osiguranje A.D.O. Belgrade has provided more than 4 million dinars to procure required medical and other equipment as well as to assist those most at risk under current circumstances.

Responding to an appeal of the Serbian Government, GRAWE donated RSD 2.5 million for the purchase of respirators and other medical equipment required in the fight against the coronavirus.

In cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Austria, GRAWE donated funds for procuring 1300 protective masks for the healthcare workers who are most at risk in these extraordinary circumstances. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Austrian Embassy and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, we are currently in the process of procuring 230 antibacterial waterproof mattresses which will be handed over to the Logistics Department of the Serbian Armed Forces and further distributed to the alternative Belgrade hospitals. These donations amount to a half of million dinars in total.

GRAWE continues to donate assets to procure medical and accompanying equipment necessary to provide relevant care to and preserve the lives of citizens of Serbia who are most at risk during this COVID-19 epidemic. Several million dinars have been provided for these purposes.

This company donated funds to the Charity Institution of the Diocese of Backa “Bishop Platon Atanackovic” to help families of several children, as well as lonely, weak and elderly people who are left on their own or those who live with their families in poor living conditions. Two air-conditioners, as well as three washer and dryer sets were donated to the Health Center Vranje, whereas the City Pharmacy of Vranje received funds to procure 1,000 three-ply epidemiological masks. GRAWE donated 15 non-contact thermometers, 15 digital blood pressure gauges, 180 protective masks and 1900 protective gloves to the Department of Thoracic and Infectious Diseases of the General Hospital in Krusevac.

Together with other members of the Association of Serbian Insurers, GRAWE participated in donating the assets used for the procurement of respirators, coronal virus tests, reagents, medical and other equipment required during this epidemic which required hiring three airplanes to deliver these materials to our country.

GRAWE Osiguranje has notified its 70,000 clients that all their insurance policies shall remain active and that, regardless of the current situation in the country resulting from the outbreak of the virus COVID-19, coverage under insurance contracts shall remain valid, all in accordance with relevant terms and conditions and contractual parameters, irrespective of the type of contracted insurance. Taking care of the well-being and interests of all our clients, the company has approved the extension of the period foreseen for the payment of life insurance premium even up to 150 days, without accruing interest on arrears.

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