A month of the Greek specialties – Greek days in the Super Vero have started

Live sculptures in the Super Vero store delighted consumers and reminded them on Ancient Greece

During June you can get acquainted with the irresistible Greek food, culture and Greek natural beauties in all Super Vero stores. The traditional Super Vero Greek month is starting, and while it lasts you will have the opportunity to enjoy the specialties of this Mediterranean country and learn more about its rich history.

The first day of the Greek month was marked with artistic performance. On this occasion the living statues showed the tradition for which Greece is widely known – the Olympic sports competition. Apart from reminding the visitors of the Super Vero in New Belgrade on the origin of this competition, which we are looking forward to, they cheered all the consumers that took photos with them.

In order to take part of the Mediterranean-inspired atmosphere from the stores to their homes, Super Vero prepared a collection of original Greek recipes for all visitors. Their preparation is simple, and for an authentic taste, one should go shopping at Super Vero. It offers more than 400 Greek products. Among them are widely known products from Mount Athos, made in the monastery in the area of Monoxilitis. Super Vero offers Monoxilitis red and white wines, extra virgin olive oil, forest and pine honey, sage and thyme tea, jams with orange and fig honey, a set with a rosary, an icon and a pillow amulet, etc.

Greek cuisine can be easily connected with the most famous ancient sports spectacle. The Greek national hero and the first winner of the marathon at Olympic Games was a chef! Also, Veropoulos, with its brands Super Vero and Jumbo, is a Greek company and a long-term sponsor of the Paralympic Committee of Serbia. Taking into account the unique Super Vero offer, the origin of the Olympic Games and support we provide to the Serbian Paralympians, we decided to celebrate this Super Vero Greek month with the slogan “Olympics of Greek flavors”. During its duration, we will be convinced in the winning quality of Greek products –said Maja Kosic Vuckovic, Head of Marketing at Veropoulos d.o.o.

Fans of the Greek gastronomy and nature can check Super Vero offer in a special leaflet, where, they can see not just the offer, but find stories inspired by Ancient Greece and Olympics. Those stories will take them to the beach and give them the opportunity to learn new things about Greek tradition and culture.

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