A1 allocates RSD 2.5mn to support local community projects

New cycle of “Svet kakav želiš“ program

A1 Serbia invites all institutions, organizations and associations across Serbia to take a part in the third cycle of its CSR program  ”Svet kakav želiš” (The World That You Want) and apply their ideas and projects in the areas of public health, education and ecology. The five winning projects from five different cities will win a total of RSD 2.5 million, along with mentorship, for the implementation of projects that improve the quality of life in the local communities and support the resolution of challenges that they are facing. Applications are accepted through April 30th 2022.

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As in the previous two cycles, the winners will be decided by a team of top experts: Vladimir Đurđević, a meteorologist and professor at the Faculty of Physics, Anđelka Grujičić, a public health physician and social medicine specialist, and Nemanja Đorđević, a science communicator and educational policy expert. The award-winning projects will be implemented from June 1st to October 31st 2022.

Over the past year, as part of its corporate social responsibility activities, A1 Serbia has implemented two cycles of the program “Svet kakav želiš”. A total of 19 million dinars have so far been allocated for the realization of six projects sharing a common goal – to change our world for the better.

The Mama SOS number 060/ 339 339 0 was introduced with an aim to provide free psychological support to all moms, and in just four months of operation, the line has had more than 100 calls. Thanks to the project Bolji vazduh građanima  (Better Air for City Dwellers), 90 air quality monitoring devices have been donated to the citizens of East and Southeast Serbia. The online course on data analysis Budi Data Driven (Be Data Driven) already has 2,500 registered participants. The project Zasadimo život zajedno (Let’s Plant Life Together) is beginning the construction of the educational center and expects visits from primary school children from across Serbia, while the produce grown in their garden will be donated to the NURDOR parents’ house. The initiative Zaigrani (Engrossed in Play) donated their educational toys to 100 kindergartens across the country, to be used by nearly 8,000 children, while the Logo Association created the app Rani razvoj deteta (Early Child Development).

In the third cycle, the focus will be on the selection of programs proposed by organizations, institutions, or citizen associations at a local level, which will meet the specified criteria. One of the conditions is for the projects to have the potential to help the resolution of communal and infrastructural problems in the community, while their end-users should be members of the local communities, but with the potential for visibility too, and participation from, a wider community.

“For years back, we have been supporting those who feel the need, and who are investing their energy into changing our world. With this program, we are making our contribution to the development of local communities and helping to make positive changes in the areas of environmental protection, public health, and education, and it is with that goal in mind that we will continue to carry out our CSR activities in the years to come,” said Blaž Ferenc, Corporate Communication Director at A1 Serbia and A1 Slovenia.

Applications are sent via link on the website “Svet kakav želiš”, and the selected projects will be announced in the first half of May.

The program is carried out by A1 Serbia, and the creative partner in charge of development and implementation is the regional organization Propulsion.

VIDEO with more information about the program “Svet kakav želiš“ and the new cycle:

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