Further investments in network quality

Network quality is one of the main reasons why users choose Yettel. That is why PPF Group plans to invest more than €70 million in network infrastructure in 2022 through two companies, Yettel and CETIN.

Mike Michel, Yettel CEO (Photo: Yettel)

Our strategy is focused on three bests: the best network experience; the best customer experience through relevant products and services. And the best in profitability – we like to be fast, agile and efficient, and prefer to win by competing in quality. That’s why we need to ensure that the new technologies and developments we invest in will further improve our customers’ experience, says Yettel CEO Mike Michel.

He added, we are very satisfied with the business results in 2021, because the company recorded the highest growth in the segment of individuals of 11.6 percent, while in the segment of business users that growth was 4.5 percent. In Serbia, we recorded the highest growth 2.7 percent in the overall mobile post-paid market. Our post-paid customer base was 3.4% higher than at the end of 2020, the highest nominal and relative growth. Our mind-set is on “growth mode”, with a stable position in mobile and new opportunities with fixed and with the new brand, Michel added.

Yettel, a new telecommunications brand introduced more than a month ago, has launched on the market services and products that help customers to find a balance. Yettel’s philosophy is to always create added value – both for the company and for the customers. A strong brand is just that, an added value for customers, added Michel.

Until now, Yettel users have had the Yettel Friday service within the app, where they can “scratch” a gift in the app every Friday. Now there is Yettel every day with the best offers and discounts from more than 70 partners in 10 different categories that apply to all users in Serbia.

We also introduced Yettel ID, a simple concept that allows you to log in to different digital platforms using a Yettel mobile number. Customers responded really well to our recycling program over the past year, and and we have seen that eco-conscious thinking is on the rise: so far, we have together recycled more 250,000 devices. For 2022, the bar is even higher, Michel concludes.

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