Action Plan for Suppressing the Grey Economy

Coordination body for directing activities on suppressing grey economy of the Serbian government adopted a new Action Plan for 2017 and 2018, which provides for an increase in the number of measures to intensify the activities of relevant institutions to reduce the volume of illegal trade, undeclared work and tax evasion.

The focus of the new Action Plan, which now has 107 measures, will establish a more effective supervision of the flows in the grey zone, improving the functioning of the fiscal system and reduce the administrative burden for businesses and citizens. One of the novelties is the measures to strengthen the capacity of the tax administration. “The aim is that we, through the implementation of the National Programme for reform and work on education and the awareness of citizens and businesses, but also civil servants, encourage responsible behaviour at all levels – said the Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Coordination Body, Dušan Vujović, at the Palace of Serbia.

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