Adecco Serbia and Novak Đoković Foundation helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds

The funds received after the global goal of the humanitarian initiatives called Win for Youth – W4Y, will be this year donated by the company Adecco to the Novak Đoković Foundation. The global objective of the initiative W4Y is that the employees of the company Adecco , together with their partners and customers, “passthe 3,500,000 km triathlon, and Adecco Serbia, as part of the project, has organised two sports events in Belgrade.

Adecco Srbija w4y event win4youth global

The company Adecco each year selects one sport and sets the goal kin terms of kilometers to be met at the global level. If the employees with their clients and partners achieve the set goal, collected kilometers are converted to money that is paid to selected foundations worldwide. This year the Foundation has selected the Novak Đoković Foundation, while the money raised used to help children in socially vulnerable communities in Serbia.

Its contribution to achieving the global goal, the company Adecco Serbia has made organising two events that have “collected kilometers” for the total required sum. The first event at which employees and partners of the companywere involved was the Belgrade Marathon, while the second event added 864 kilometers on bike to the total number necessary to achieve the objective.


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