Trustworthy People Taking Care of Your Home

MARKO KRIZMANIĆ, Director and the proprietor of the company Projekt Ekspert ADRIA d.o.o.

Projects and problems are same everуwhere while speed and trust are crucial


Trust is one of those things that are difficult to earn, but quick to loose. Trust is precious and we all try to build it both in our private and work relations. We are constantly searching for trustworthy doctors, dentists, teachers, and
hairdressers, and home is the place that we safeguard the most. Home is where we are on our own turf, protected and tucked away. Home is also the place where we won’t allow just anyone to come in. Still, life puts us in certain situations that we cannot predict, or we have to deal with the things that we simply don’t have time to because of our fast-paced life style like decorating our own home.

Truth is that oftentimes we even don’t know what we really want. Hence, it is of crucial importance to find a professional whose sensibility is similar to ours and who is going to recognize and implement what we want. You might think that wizards with magic wands do not exist and you would be absolutely right. However, you don’t need a wizard, you need a project manager which is why we are talking to architect Marko Krizmanić who has amassed years of experience in designing retail facilities in Serbia and the region (Romania, Croatia, Macedonia and  Montenegro). Once the need for organizing maintenance works, or providing professional assistance to private clients arose, architect Marko Krizmanić decided to use its extensive experience to tackle this new challenge. Projects and problems are same everwhere while speed and trust are crucial.

Of course, there are many companies on our market that can offer construction and technical services. But I think that the fact that there are more demanding clients with specific life style, like foreigners in Serbia, who are used to customer service (something that most companies cannot provide), has created a business niche for me which I could cover in a professional manner. My company is considered a small company which gave us an edge over other companies from the get go and makes us easy to communicate with. Personally, I am focused on the client and, through direct communication, I resolve the issue at hand, or meet the client’s need.

Simply put, imagine yourself living in a foreign country and your flat, for instance, gets flooded, or you should paint it, or buy a piece of furniture, or fix something, or tidy up your yard in spring, or you are coming home from a business trip or longer absence and you realize that your heating is not working and that your flat is cold. I believe that none of these situations are really pleasant. I and my team can fulfill such and similar needs. In time, I realized that the needs of private residential clients bring enough business which I saw as a challenge that I constantly and repeatedly overcome. Additionally, and apart from establishing good business relations, I have managed to win the trust from our clients which is exceptionally important to me considering that, once I start working with them and come to their homes, I virtually become a household member. Oftentimes, clients and I analyze their and their families’ needs, wishes and ideas as if I were a member of their family. In this way, we are able to find the best solution for, let’s say, spring renovation of a house or a yard, i.e. to implement different decorating ideas and to create a comfortable, functional and pleasant home.  – Mr. Krizmanic, who is the director and the proprietor of the company Projekt Ekspert ADRIA d.o.o. which he founded in 2013, said.

His biggest clients are foreign companies which have been developing their retail business all over our region. Projekt Ekspert ADRIA d.o.o is also present in neighbouring countries and focused on providing fast, quality services in line with the predetermined standards of its European clients.

“Being trusted in this business sometimes means more than the project implementation or the price itself. If you  want to take proper and professional care of flats, houses and residences, you need to be constantly in touch with your client. This often provides enough room to collaborate with the client on solving problems and to participate in each stage of problem solving. Because our clients and their work are quite unique, we often have meetings outside working hours, or on weekends. After all, one can argue that we are helping them with their “family matters”. I admit that the most difficult part of my job is to stay professional at all times while being at the client’s disposal every day. I know how to listen to clients and formulate their wishes into proposals or solutions. It is up to the client when and how they should be implemented.”


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