Air France to offer free flights to people involved in reconstruction of Notre Dame

Air France-KLM released a statement announcing that they will be joining the Notre Dame recovery efforts.

“Following the tragic fire that has ravaged Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, it is a symbol of French history, well known throughout the world, that has suffered a severe blow,” the airline stated in a press release. “All Air France and Air France-KLM teams around the world have since been deeply affected and saddened.”

Air France-KLM has also pledged to provide free flights for “all official partners involved in the reconstruction of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.”

Benjamin Smith, CEO of Air France-KLM, made the decision with Anne-Marie Couderc, President of Air France-KLM, and Anne Rigail, Chief Executive Officer of Air France, which Air France will ensure the free transport of all the official actors who will take part in the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The airline group will also be opening up donations to passengers, too.

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