Third “A Cup Of Coffee With a Psychologist” Panel Talk: Career vs. Family

After two successfully held mental health talks on the topic of depression and stress at work, the third in a series of healing talks within the project ’A CUP OF COFFEE WITH A PSYCHOLOGIST’ was dedicated to making a balance between career and family, and overcoming the stereotypes that accompany them. Hemofarm  Foundation  organized this talk with professionals and public figures who shared their experiences on this topic.

Ivana Vukmirica Baćanović, a psychologist and psychotherapist in ’Ruđer Bošković’ Grammar School, and Dr. Ana Martinoli, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, was talking about achieving the family-work harmony and methods how to be successful in both aspects of life. Robert Čoban, Director of Color Press Group, shared his experience in establishing a balance between business and private life, and all that mediated by the panel talk host, Ivana Božović, Doctor and Journalist of RTS.

Along with the fact that people are almost always online and available, constantly respond to e-mails and bring computers home, the impression is that the current ways of overcoming the family-work or work-family conflict have become overwhelmed by work problems in general, and social community expectations. Where is the boundary at which the job ends and the family begins, or should and can these two spheres go in parallel?, these are some of the questions that professionals tried to answer, as well as to break down age-related stereotypes when a society expects you to establish a family and build a successful career.

The project ’A CUP OF COFFEE WITH A PSYCHOLOGIST’ is implemented by Hemofarm Foundation in partnership with the Institute of Psychology with the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and Art Community Dorćol Platz. Renowned experts and celebrities will continue discussing topical issues such as divorce, addiction, as well as issues how to deal with an illness or knowledge that someone close to you is seriously ill, as well as how to restrict the use of electronic devices to children, every Wednesday within the two-month project. The topics to be discussed are additionally processed also through blogs of experts – psychologists and psychotherapists that are available on the Hemofarm Foundation website, while video clips of previous workshops are available on the Foundation YouTube channel.

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