Air Serbia Announces Super Web Sales For Online Purchases And Through Contact Centre

Only tickets purchased via Air Serbia website or Contact Centre from Friday, 17 March from 4:30 pm until Sunday, 19 March, will be entitled to the promotional fares for return flights between Belgrade and following popular destinations in the Air Serbia network:

  • Frankfurt starting from 119 EUR*
  • Berlin starting from 129 EUR*
  • Dusseldorf starting from 129 EUR*
  • Stuttgart starting from 119 EUR*
  • Hamburg starting from 129 EUR*
  • Zurich starting from 119 EUR*

Promotional fares for one way travel between Belgrade and these destinations are also valid under this promotional offer:

  • Frankfurt starting from 69 EUR*
  • Berlin starting from 69 EUR*
  • Dusseldorf starting from 69 EUR*
  • Stuttgart starting from 69 EUR*
  • Hamburg starting from 69 EUR*
  • Zurich starting from 69 EUR*

*Fares are inclusive of all taxes. Children discount will not apply. For infants, 10 per cent of adult fare is paid, taxes not included. Promotional offer for return tickets is valid if staying minimum three days.  

Under the promotion, tickets are valid for travel between 20 March and 15 June 2017, except between 7 April and 16 April (to Belgrade), 14 April and 23 April (from Belgrade) and 28 April and 3 May 2017 (both to and from Belgrade).

Tickets can be purchased through or by calling Air Serbia’s Contact Centre on 0800 111 528 (free calls within Serbia) or on +381 11 311 21 23 for calls from abroad.

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