Ambassador Hill visited the Rosa water bottling plant in Vlasina – INVESTED OVER 15 MILLION EUROS

The ambassador of the United States of America, Christopher Hill, visited the “Vlasinka” Rosa water bottling plant. During the visit, Ambassador Hill expressed satisfaction with the positive contribution of the Coca-Cola system to the economy of Serbia and the overall development of the local community.

Photo: Coca Cola

Rosa water, which over the years has become a synonym for the highest quality, apart from Serbia, is present in the countries of the region, and its annual contribution to exports is over two million euros.

“We are very pleased that Ambassador Hill visited our second home, Vlasina. The period from 2005, when we, as a Coca-Cola system, acquired the Vlasinka bottling plant until today, was marked by continuous investments, which exceeded 15 million euros and contributed to the modernization of production, equipment, and most importantly – the development of employees. In the Vlasina region, we are not only a significant employer, but we are also a trusted partner. We are proud of all the initiatives we implemented for the local community, and especially of our project “Vlasina – pure love”, which aims to economically and ecologically strengthen this region”, said Svetoslav Atanasov, general director of the Coca-Cola HBC for Serbia and Montenegro.

Photo: Coca Cola

“Vlasinka” today presents a system with six production lines and a state-of-the-art warehouse, which enables a significant increase in production capacity and expansion of exports. Twice as many workers found employment in the bottling plant than in the period before the acquisition, and now “Vlasinka” has almost 100 employees.

Rosa bottling plant is the holder of the relevant global quality management systems – ISO 45001 and ISO 14001, that confirm the application of prescribed standards in the areas of health and safety at work, as well as environmental protection. Also, “Vlasinka” is certified by the prestigious global AWS standard, which confirms the high level of water care.

Photo: Coca Cola



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