New Tuborg Ice beer launched

Tuborg brand launched a new Tuborg Ice beer, specially filtered at -1°C, so Nucci had to warm up the atmosphere at the party!

Reinforcement in the Tuborg family made a great entrance last night – filtered at -1°C, Tuborg Ice refreshed the evening for all lovers of a good time. In addition to the new Tuborg Ice, one of the biggest stars of the modern trap scene in the region – Nucci, took care of the great atmosphere at the party! Along with the new lager beer, the most popular hits and the freshest sounds on our music scene were played, which fit perfectly with the crisp and fine aroma of Tuborg Ice with 4.2% alcohol.

“Tuborg has always been focused on music, new trends and fresh ideas, and that’s why we try to make all drinks from the Tuborg family innovative in every way. And Tuborg Ice is definitely that, because in addition to its sharp, refreshing taste and filtering to -1 degree, it shares the key values ​​of the brand with its consumers, which are openness to new experiences, exploring the world and constantly pushing the boundaries,” said Pavel Erankevich, Carlsberg general manager.

Tuborg Ice is the perfect choice to quench your thirst and satisfy your senses in any atmosphere – whether you’ve decided to go on a city date at the local bar, hang out with the crew at your favorite club or relax with the latest show you’re binging on.

The transparent glass bottle further adds to the appearance of the beer and complements the experience of the new sharp taste that Tuborg Ice brings with it. This ice beer, light, golden in color, fresh in taste, pleasant bitterness and balanced aroma, will be the new urban face of the city that everyone will enjoy – from the first encounter and the first sip.

In the warm days that follow, a new dimension of refreshment awaits for you with the bold taste of the never colder Tuborg Ice. One thing is certain, the recipe for the best time this season will be in the hands of Tuborg Ice – a new city character who will be the most wanted guest at every party!

Ice your world!

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