AMS Osiguranje: Insure your home today!

Have you considered insuring your house or apartment? Protect yourself from financial losses in the event of numerous risks today. AMS Osiguranje gives you with the opportunity to quickly and easily, with the help of professional staff, insure your home from fire, water spills from installations, broken windows, burglary and other risks in accordance with your insurance policy terms and conditions.

In case any of the previously mentioned risks materialize, the costs and consequences can be great, and everything you have been investng a lot of effort and money in over the years can disappear in an instant. With AMS Osiguranje’s household insurance policy you do not have to bear the costs of the damage yourself. Our household insurance covers the damage caused to your house or apartment, as well as all things and valuables in your home. At the same time, you are covered against the costs of the damage that an accident in your home or an apartment can cause to your neighbours. The household insurance premium is determined depending on the size and age of the property you are insuring, and we offer you the most favourable prices and the best conditions on our market.

You can buy a household insurance policy quickly, easily and simply online, in our webshop .

By purchasing our household insurance policy, you not only save your money, but also take care of the safety of your property in the right way.

We would also like to remind you that you can insure your vehicle from various types of damages by purchasing a casco insurance policy from AMS Osiguranje. You can pay the premium in 12 monthly instalments, and we also grant an additional discount for payment in full.

We are waiting for you in 16, Ruzveltova Street in Belgrade or in one of over 250 of our branches throughout Serbia.

For more information about AMS Osiguranje’s services please call 0800-009-009 or go to



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