NEXE donated funds to water-polo club Vojvodina and handball club Jedinstvo

We want young people to improve and thrive in their local communities

NEXE Grupa, a leading producer of construction materials together with its member companies in Serbia has extended its support to the development of country sports by donating funds to water-polo club Vojvodina and handball club Jedinstvo from Novi Bečej.  The donation to water-polo club Vojvodina is intended to improve working conditions with younger categories and achieve long-term stability in order to achieve top sports results. Donation of funds to handball club  Jedinstvo is aimed at financing costs of participation in the Super B handball league North-Center in the season 2021/2022.

Promo AD Polet Novi Bečej

„At NEXE Group, we believe that the role of sports is extremely important for growing up and we strive to support valuable projects of clubs that have recognized the importance of working with young people who achieve respectable results. We are glad to be able to support activities that give young people the opportunity to improve and thrive in their local communities. “, said Majda Petković, director of company AD Polet Novi Bečej.

Water-polo club  Vojvodina was founded in 1935 and today has more than a thousand active members and friends and about 250 active contestants in all selections. The Water-polo Association of Serbia declared water-polo club Vojvodina the most active club in Serbia in the last four years and this season they won participation in the Len Euro Cup, which represents one of the most important European competitions in club’s water-polo. They invest in the development of the Vojvodina water-polo school and in that way give young people the opportunity to develop in the spirit of sports. Today, water-polo club Vojvodina is with all its selections at the top of Serbian water polo and forms the backbone of national teams.

Handball club  Jedinstvo is the only team sports club in the municipality of Novi Bečej that competes in a higher rank.  They are making continuous progress in terms of competition and organization, and today they play in the Super B League of Serbia, which is the second-highest ranked league in the country. Last year, they launched the Handball Friends handball camp in Novi Bečej and provided participants with the opportunity to train with top coaches. Launching a handball camp, in challenging times, was a bold move that was also supported by  NEXE Grupa.

NEXE Grupa continuously takes care of the local communities in which its members operate, thus supporting various projects in various fields, such as sports, culture and education in order to positively affect the quality of life of people in local communities.

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