AMS Osiguranje: Protect your car in the best possible way

If you are not prepared to bear the costs of material damage to your vehicle alone, now is a good time to contact AMS Osiguranje.

In case of traffic accidents, flooding, fire, falling pieces of a building and trees damaging your vehicle, theft or other unpredictable situations, and in accordance with your insurance policy terms, AMS Osiguranje will assume the risks regarding your vehicle and pay out the damages in the shortest possible time. If you purchase a casco insurance policy from AMS Osiguranje, we’ll pay out the damages regardless of who is liable for them; you or someone else.

AMS Osiguranje always has its clients in mind so now you can pay your insurance premium in 12 monthly instalments, while, if you pay it all at once, you are eligible for an additional discount.

Don’t forget that with every purchased Casco insurance policy from AMS Osiguranje, you will receive a free AMSS Super membership and payment card, which provides the card holder with free services and savings on the roads of Serbia and Europe for one year. The holder of the AMSS Super membership and payment card is entitled to free towing in case of breakdown or traffic accident, on-road vehicle repair or transportation to the nearest mechanic, as well as hotel accommodation in the event of an accident.

Our client always comes first which is why we have the best prices and conditions on the market. Protect your car in the best possible way while saving money. Don’t wait another day. Come to 16, Ruzveltova Street in Belgrade or to one of over 250 of our branches throughout Serbia where our you can consult with our friendly and professional staff to find the best combination of insurance coverage that suits your needs and financial capabilities the best.

For more information go to or call 0800-009-009.

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