Apatin Brewery celebrated 15th anniversary of the campaign “Kad pijem ne vozim”

Apatin Brewery has celebrated the 15th anniversary of the campaign “Kad pijem ne vozim“ (“When I Drink I Don’t Drive”) with a clear message that this is the decision of key importance we all must make together.

The anniversary reminds us to consume alcohol responsibly, as well as the fact that traffic safety and security come as a priority, having in mind this is the only way to protect our own as well as other people’s lives. The campaign is traditionally organized in cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Interior, the Road Traffic Safety Agency and the Traffic Police Administration.

On this occasion, Minister of Interior Aleksandar Vulin, General Police Director Vladimir Rebić, Road Traffic Safety Agency Head Duško Pešić and Apatin Brewery General Manager Igor Vukašinović reminded of risks of driving under the influence of alcohol and appealed to citizens and visitors of the upcoming music festivals to act responsibly in traffic since this is the way to protect both their own and other people’s lives.

“I would like to express gratitude to Apatin Brewery for long-term cooperation. This campaign reminds us of simple truths in life and the fact that each of us must make this important decision – to protect our lifes and protect lives of others. Therefore, do not sit behind the wheel when you drink,” Minister Aleksandar Vulin told the media.

Ever since the very beginning, the campaign visited many Serbian towns, many festivals and included numerous lectures with an aim to raise awareness of all traffic participants on the importance of responsible alcohol consumption.

This is the 15th time we appeal to all alcohol consumers to make a decision of vital importance and do not drive when they drink. Our advice is to call a cab or a friend, wait for a bus or take a walk in similar situations,” Apatin Brewery General Manager Igor Vukašinović said, and thanked all partners for their support.

Road Traffic Safety Agency Director Duško Pešić appealed to all drivers and warned them that even the smallest quantity of alcohol could affect their driving capacities. “Having this in mind, it is important to use different approaches and measures to grab the attention of as many drivers as possible and dissuade them from drinking and driving. “

This year, within the “When I Drink I Don’t Drive” campaign, Apatin Brewery donated the Road Traffic Police Administration 600 safety vests necessary to maintain safety at work in the future. In the last couple of years, the company has also donated 50,000 breathalyzer mouthpieces, as well as 125 state-of-the-art breathalyzers and thus contributed to an increased number of tested drivers, as well better prevention, improved safety and security of traffic participants. Owing to its 15-year-old history, the “When I Drink I Don’t Drive” campaign has become a campaign with the longest tradition with the Ministry of Interior’s and the Road Traffic Police Administration’s participation during which more than EUR 130,000 have been donated.

In Apatin Brewery they say that once again this year the key decision is clear– When I Drink, I Don’t Drive! If you consumed alcohol, do not get behind the wheel of your car. Call a friend, a cab, take a walk or wait for a bus. Safe and responsible alcohol consumption is the only proper way to protect our life and lives of other people.

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