The first “Day of early childhood” in Belgrade

The first “Day of early childhood” in Belgrade, the event that will round up the citizens of Belgrade with the aim of meeting the public’s attention to the importance of the first 1,000 days of life, will be held on August 31st from 5 pm on Trg Republike from whence the assembled will take walk at the street Kneza Mihaila.

With this walk, the association “Žute Pantalone” wants to draw the public’s attention to what science has confirmed – the first 1000 days are crucial for human life, as well as to initiate the proclamation of August 31st as EARLY CHILDHOOD DAY.

This date was chosen because Maria Montessori was born on that day, a scientist and reformer of education who made a great contribution to illuminating the formative period and claimed that everything that we are, have created a child that we were in the first two years of our lives. Maria Montessori’s work was also the inspiration for the founding of the “Žute Pantalone” Association.

“Žute Pantalone” Association invites citizens to wear “Žute Pantalone” T-shirts and yellow pants on that day, in order to tell everyone that childhood is the most important thing.

The association “Žute Pantalone – Initiative for the Study of Childhood and the Concept of Incubator of Social Responsibility” aims to draw public attention to the importance of early childhood, promote Montessori pedagogy, initiate a further study of the phenomenon of childhood and encourage socially responsible communication for children’s welfare.

The most important projects of the association “Žute Pantalone” are the establishment of the “Institute for the Study of Childhood”, the annual review of socially responsible toys “Toys with a Purpose”, the annual review of socially responsible campaigns “Campaigns with a purpose”, “Montessori language” – online speech therapy counseling and “Montessori Mathematics”. – financial literacy project for the youngest.

Contact person: Tijana Adamov Ignjatović, Founder and representative-, +381 64 190 38 21


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