Atanas Raykov, Global Head of Partnerships & Telecom General Manager CEE, Viber (Bulgaria): The power of social communication!

At the festival KAKTUS 2016 Atanas Raykov will speak on the topic “How to Best Leverage The Power of Social Communication”.


How social media changed in just one year?
The area of ​​social communication is constantly changing in accordance with changes in everyday communication needs of people. A key problem that appears and about which many stories were told in the past year, is the privacy and safety of service users to send messages. The company Viber takes this problem very seriously and invest considerable resources in order to improve our services, and therefore to improve the security of information shared through our platform.

When business users are concerned, what is the best possible way to take advantage of new technologies and the power of social communication?
Customers today want to enable themselves to make social platforms get all the information they needed to find a job or agreements, but also to satisfy their personal needs in terms of interaction with family or friends. Therefore, companies that are present on social platforms have a much greater chance to reach these users. Our companies around the world work with leading international, regional and local brands, which have already built their audience on Viber, besides other social networks, and record the highest traffic in both offline as well as in online stores. Stickers have become a widely used tool for brands to interact with consumers.

How many users have Viber at the moment and how many people actually use the Public Chat started by brands? In Serbia, they are mostly large media companies.
We have over 800 million users worldwide, 33 million in Central and Eastern Europe, and over 3.2 million in Serbia. Our Public Chat has grown into a very attractive platform for the dissemination of information to users, regardless of the fact that it was mostly the clubs who want to be innovative or large organisations in Serbia such as Exit, Kurir, Blic, Belgrade City etc.

What innovations and trends we can expect in the coming year in the field of mobile applications?
We see a lot of interest from companies that want to get as many opportunities to be in touch with your customers and clients through our platform. We plan to develop a number of new tools for interaction, which will boost communication between brands and consumers to a higher level.

Does Central and Eastern Europe still holds the leading position when the number of users Viber comes?
Viber has further strengthened its leading position in the region and developed its platform in an efficient channel for social and B2C communication, and thus became one of the favourite tools in this part of Europe.

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