The theater play “The Visit” by Egyptian troop “storm” participating in the ” Slavija Theatre

Serbian, Arab and African ambassadors attending the play “The Visit” of the “Storm” troop from Alexandria, sponsored by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture to participate in the annual Slavjia International Theater Festival.

“The presence of a large number of senior Serbian officials, including the Assistants Foreign Minister for Security and Protocol Affairs, the Assistant Minister of Culture and Information, and Chiefs of Arab and African diplomatic missions reflects the interest in learning about the latest developments in Egyptian culture”, said Ambassador of Egypt Amr Aljowaily. He praised that the troop decided to perform the act in classical Arabic language, even though the text is a contemporary story, as it facilitated communication with the Arab communities living in Belgrade. For its part, the troop greeted the audience from Arab countries and students of the Center of Arabic Culture in Belgrade. The Storm Troop also made a point of voting in the presidential elections at the embassy in Belgrade.

Ambassador of Egypt to Serbia, Amr Aljowaily, highlighted that the theater play performed by “Storm” was included in the activities of the month of the Francophonie in Serbia, which extends throughout March, while the play also enjoyed a direct text translation to Serbian, helping it outreach the larger Serbian community. He added that the participation in the Slavjia Festival was the result of an initiative by the director of the troop, Engineer Mohammed Algamassy to apply at the festival, whose evaluation committee selected the Egyptian play, later supported by the Embassy and the Ministry of Culture. Aljowaily called on other youth teams to do the same by looking for opportunities available for cultural activities in Serbia, stressing that the embassy will support, for its part, any serious projects in this regard.

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