DIANA GLIGORIJEVIĆ, CMO, TeleGroup: We have Solutions for Digitalization Challenges

TeleGroup has been growing and progressing for years because it is one of the first companies to implement innovative ICT technologies in our region. We share our knowledge and flexible business style with our clients in order to help them to adapt their business processes to emerging changes in information technologyWe are talking to Diana Gligorijević, CMO of TeleGroup, about the challenges of digitalization for the domestic business sector and citizens.

What does promoting digitalization mean in practice for business users and state structures in the region, and what kind of changes in their everyday work they need to carry out? What projects are you currently working on in Serbia and the region?

— Digitalization of our society and economy is one of the greatest ongoing tasks and challenges that we all have to tackle together and successfully complete in the coming years. We have experienced an exponential increase in the amount of data about every change in an environment which have been recorded with a digital code. Business results of all companies will depend on the degree of their integration into the new digital world during the fourth industrial revolution. This means that the changes will affect all economies and countries of the world, including our region which countries have the opportunity to adapt to the technological changes more quickly than others, and, by doing so, compensate for the economic decline in the last decades, as well as to generate more than just economic surplus that will be created in the new ecosystem. Technology has also made it possible for all citizens to increasingly participate in public life. Social media, e-government and digital identities are just some of the examples of changes that state bodies have been implementing. Creation of smart and safe cities, better quality and longer lifespan, and a reduced impact of polarization of power and wealth are all changes that are expected to happen at the global and local level. However, a third of current occupations and jobs will disappear due to automation, and both individuals and societies will have to learn and be flexible just like during previous industrial revolutions. Since its inception, TeleGroup has been the synonym for constant learning and advancement in a flexible manner. Some of our current projects include TeleMedicine, which enables a quicker and more efficient access to specialist medical examinations for patients, intelligent transport systems in the city of Belgrade and on the motorways in the Republic of Srpska, digitalization of radio systems in the power industry, airports and oil industry, digitalization of agricultural production through the AgroLife platform developed by TeleGroup engineers, and many others.

Your Infosec conferences are particularly focused on the systemic introduction of cybercrime protection mechanisms. What solutions do you offer to your customers in this segment?

— The Infosec conference has become TeleGroup’s brand in Cyber Security. The conference was launched with the aim of boosting the information security in the Western Balkan region and quickly became one of the most important IT security events in this region. As an IT company dealing with security technologies, we wanted to support the efforts of regional IT associations in drawing attention of state structures and the general public to information security as the most important resource of each state, as well as to the existence of increasingly sophisticated threats in cyber space, which could jeopardize the stability of the regional economy and societies. TeleGroup’s security solutions contain a complete portfolio of solutions for protection of network resources, databases, web applications, remote desktop or mobile devices, e-mail systems and the like, as well as the solutions for the protection of power systems and SCADA systems, which has been a very popular topic recently, protection of information systems in healthcare institutions and hospitals, and the protection of digital business practices for business and government entities.

The new ICT technology market is known for having significant innovations emerging on a daily basis, unlike other industrial sectors, which can change market competitiveness in a very short amount of time. How do you cope with such market conditions and what innovative solutions are you working on now?

— TeleGroup has been growing and progressing over the years because it has been implementing innovative ICT technologies among the first in our region. Our company has been working hard on Internet of Things solutions that can increase revenue in different industries; from smart sensors that will be embedded in many devices in the coming years, through to transport layer and software for the sensor-generated management and analysis data. Our software development engineers are creating innovative, special-purpose applications for clients which then use them to boost their market competitiveness.


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