Avaya solutions and predictive analytics provide improved customer and employee experience

Avaya, a global leader in solutions to support and simplify communications and collaboration, with the help of data analytics, improves processes in contact center, thus makes the user experience seamless and enjoyable.

Becoming the most important component of user experience management, data analytics helps contact center employees to anticipate customer behaviors and needs, enable personalized engagement at the micro level, preemptively resolving of issues and maximizes business results.  Reacting in the best possible way, i.e. proactively offering the next best action, are the biggest benefits of quality predictive analytics which rely on absolute mastering of available data.

The latest contact center solutions introduced by Avaya are crucial instrumental in enabling predictive analytics to reach their full potential. Avaya provides crucial information to predictive analytics systems that include customer behaviors such as what touchpoints they use, how they move between touchpoints, what services they leverage and more. Using predictive analytics, Avaya orchestrates customer engagement in a hyper-personalized way that ensures the provision of excellent user experiences as well as the achievement of companies’ business goals.

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS combined with predictive analytics therefore enable companies manage their operations on an entirely new level, which include:

  • Personalized and relevant self-service options across touchpoints
  • Proactive engagement in sales, retention existing and acquisition of new users
  • Targeted advertising
  • Delivering customers queries contact to the right person within an organization
  • Proposal of next best action or offer via preferred media
  • Proactive problem resolution, advice, updates, information and offers

Finally, predictive analytics and Avaya contact center solutions empower employees to proactively direct customers towards desired journeys. This way, companies reduce customer effort and avoid poor experiences, while simultaneously making a profit by maximizing sales, increasing retention and improving acquisition with each interaction.

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