Serbian Water Polo Federation and UNIQA Osiguranje Continue their Cooperation

Support provided for new victories of our “golden dolphins”

UNIQA Osiguranje and the Serbian Water Polo Federation are continuing to cooperate. The cooperation agreement, which further boosts the existing partnership during which our ‘golden dolphins’ won many medals and titles and achieved planetary successes, is valid until 2024 and was signed by Sonja Marić, director of the Brand and Communications Director of UNIQA Osiguranje and Viktor Jelenić, president of the Serbian Water Polo Federation.

“Since 2016, UNIQA has proudly carried the title of the official insurance company of the Serbian national water polo team. Our partnership has surpassed our cooperation and has grown into a reliable friendship, and marked by the most successful period for Serbian water polo. It gives UNIQA great pleasure to act as the eighth player of the national team and to provide strong support to the Serbian Water Polo Federation. While sharing common values, today we are opening another chapter while trying to be the wind in the back of the Serbian water polo team at all times so they can achieve top results in the future too,” said Sonja Marić, recalling that in recent years, the members of the Serbian water polo were also great promoters of UNIQA Osiguranje.

The Serbian national water polo team has been the most successful Serbian sports team in recent years, and according to the president of the Serbian Water Polo Federation, Viktor Jelenić, there is a clear strategy on how to continue with this success.

“I would like to thank UNIQA Osiguranje for their trust and support. Let’s together embark on new victories,” Viktor Jelenić said on the occasion.

In the next three years, UNIQA remains a reliable supporter of the Serbian Water Polo Federation which will ensure the continuity of the national team winning medals at major international competitions.

“I hope that we will repeat all the past successes in the coming years. Serbia is a small country, where people are not aware of the importance of insurance, so it is a great thing to bring it closer to the people. This is a brave step forward, especially at a time when water polo clubs are on the path of expansion towards new successes,” said Dejan Savić, head coach of the Serbian water polo team.

After the cooperation agreement was signed, the ensured support was symbolically celebrated with a gift from the Serbian Water Polo Federation to UNIQA Osiguranje – a water polo cap and a ball signed by the national team members and members of the national water polo team, given to Sonja Marić by Filip Filipović, captain of the Serbian water polo team.

“All these years, safety has been very important to the players. I am glad that this tradition continues and I hope that, when some of us finish our national team careers, the next generations of water polo players will have this kind of support in the future too. UNIQA is the 14th member of our team,” said Filip Filipović.

As a token of gratitude to the media for their support and the promotion of water polo, UNIQA donated replicas of the official balls of the European water polo championships.


Part of one of the leading European insurance concerns – Austria’s UNIQA Group – UNIQA Osiguranje has been continuously supporting professional and recreational sports in Serbia for 15 years. In addition to the Serbian Water Polo Federation, UNIQA is also the official insurance company of the Belgrade Marathon, but also the sponsor of many sports events.

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