AXA Non-life Insurance and AXA Life Insurance Officially Associated Company Wiener Städtische Insurance

At the end of 2016, Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) became the owner of the AXA Life Insurance Company a.d.o. Belgrade and AXA Non-life insurance a.d.o. Belgrade (AXA insurance).

Since VIG successfully operates in Serbia through Wiener Städtische Insurance a.d.o. Belgrade, from the moment of taking over the AXA insurance until August 1, 2017, the process of merging this company Wiener Städtische osiguranje was taking place. As of August 1, AXA insurance has officially ceased to exist. “I would say to all AXA insurance clients that they are in safe hands. The contracts signed by AXA insurance before it became part of the VIG system remain in force under the same conditions, with the same rights and benefits until the expiration of the insurance period. This means that Wiener Städtische Insurance takes over all obligations towards AXA insurance clients. Client’s claims will be paid under the conditions valid on the day the insurance contract is concluded, and the claims for claims are processed according to the usual procedure” said Zoran Blagojević, chairman of the company’s executive board.

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