Balanced nutrition for a healthier life

Nutri Score, a supplemental product nutrition labelling system, presented

Does a balanced diet necessarily entail giving up our favourite foods or does it open up the possibility for us to still be able to eat everything we want to eat? How does food affect the weight loss process and how important is it to prepare and plan meals in advance? How to achieve the balance that our body seeks? The well-known nutritionist Ana Petrović has revealed all the secrets of a moderate diet at the Balanced Nutrition for a Healthier Life event where she gave useful tips for every day.

“Breakfast is the cornerstone of a successful day and skipping it can lead to hypoglycemia, which can cause shivering, nervousness and overeating in the second part of the day. Balanced breakfast will give you all the necessary vitamins, minerals and fibre. It is important to have breakfast in the first two hours after waking up, and since breakfast is a basic meal, it should be very nutritional, ”said Ana Petrovic, a nutritionist-dietitian, adding that the ideal breakfast is a matter of individual choice. “It is important to take into account not only the amount of sugar we intake but also the intake of salt. Allowed daily intake of salt is five grammes per day. If used in large quantities, salt leads to increased water retention, resulting in high blood pressure and obesity. The biggest amount of salt is found in cured meat, spices, sweets, snacks and spreads. ”

To help select proper groceries for balanced nutrition, Maxi, Tempo and Shop & Go stores now sell products with the Nutri Score label which is located on the front of the packaging. When calculating the total product score, that is, the letter label that a product is given, we take into account the positive effect that the amount of protein, fibre and fruits and vegetables that a product formula contains, as well as the negative impact on the total score of salt, saturated fatty acids, sugar and calories.

„Delhaize Serbia is strategically dedicated to healthier nutrition. The Nutri Score system, or the so-called nutrition scoreboard, was introduced to make it easier for shoppers to choose foods according to their personal nutritional needs. Of course, it is very important for customers to read labels and carefully plan their meals when selecting products. The so-called traffic light system is there to facilitate the selection and help balance the daily nutritional intake,” said Milica Popović, Corporate Communications Manager at Delhaize Serbia.

Ana Petrović further underlined that a diet leading to a healthier life is not just a daily concern, but it should be planned, adding that it is advisable to have several small meals throughout the day.

“It’s important not to starve yourself and to consume produce from all seven basic food groups. Breakfast, as a staple meal, should contain all the nutrients, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Protein should never be mixed in meals, and vegetables, fruits, freshly cooked meals and fish should always be the priority. Every meal should be accompanied by a large portion of salad, and you should not eat at least two hours before bedtime. ”

Most importantly, the ideal menu is one that is tailored to the individual because it should be adjusted to a person’s gender, age, habits, obligations, health status, nutritional status and other factors.


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