DDOR Osiguranje introduces the possibility of instant payment using a QR code

Following NBS’s initiative while implementing its business digitization strategy, as the No 1 insurance company in the Serbian market, DDOR has enabled its customers to use a state-of-the-art instant payment system using QR code.

From now on, payment of insurance premium will be much faster, easier and safer by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone. The information contained in the QR code on the instruction document for payment of the insurance premium is sufficient to complete the transfer order within a few seconds, as well as to carry out transactions without using cash or payment card via applications of commercial banks. In this way, DDOR’s clients can pay quickly and easily, thus avoiding errors in inputting their information, which boosts the security of the transaction. Also, it is worth mentioning that those clients who choose to use this payment system will pay a significantly lower transaction commission and will save a considerable amount of time. In order to make a payment, all a client needs to do is to point their smartphone camera, and scan the QR code on the basis of which a payment order is formed in their mobile banking application. In addition to the mobile banking application, this payment method can also be used at any pay spot which has introduced this payment system and have a QR code reader. Banks and pay spots that foster an innovative approach to providing instant payment services are expected to introduce this model into their portfolio in the upcoming period.

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