“Be a Part of Hope” Donation Campaign

We are pleased to inform you that the “Music of Hope” program, which has been successfully implemented in Serbia since 2014, will start the “Be a part of Hope” donor campaign for the further development of the music centre in the “Branko Pešić” elementary school.

Photo: Duško Vukić

The goals of our first donor campaign “Be a part of Hope” are:

  • Increased number of donations for the “Music of Hope” program and collection of 1,900,000 RSD for work in the music centre – Elementary School “Branko Pešić”
  • Raising awareness of the importance of music for children’s intellectual and social development
  • Increased visibility of the “Music of Hope” program

The campaign is implemented with the support of influential artists from Serbia, such as Nela Mihajlović, Dragan Mićanović, Bojana Stefanović, Miona Marković, Marčelo, Suzana Lukić and DJ Lea Davogić, who are ready to participate in both media and program activities, to give the incentive to the community to action.

I joined the campaign with a lot of love, all children deserve to be given the chance to develop their gift and flourish together with it. Music is an inseparable part of our life, it is necessary to provide equal opportunities for every child to enrich his life through music.” Bojana Stefanović.

We’ve created a range of materials and visuals to help you convey the core message of our program:

In 2014, the Music Art Project (MAP) organization launched the “Music of Hope” program in Serbia, based on reputation and in cooperation with the highly respected El Sistema program. This program is intended for children, especially those from marginalized groups, with the desire to discover a better world through music, enjoying it and learning with it.

This program does not aim at one-time and one-way inclusion, but to use music as the most humane and most beautiful way of communication, to connect children from socially vulnerable families and children distraction, with their peers from regular school and musical education, and restore to them and their families faith in love, respect, regular education, equality, faith in life.

So far, more than 2,500 children in eleven cities in Serbia have gone through the program. The results of learning together, and enjoying music, with the support and help of the families of these children, is what drives us not to stop, and the joint concerts and camps, which they enjoyed with their peers from music schools, restore hope for a society of empathy and togetherness, love, and support, as we can be.

As an influential media that, deals with topics that are of interest to the public, and strives for the highest level of service quality, we believe that by conveying the experiences and successful stories of children and their families, you would influence the topic of the integration of young people from the most vulnerable communities to be illuminated through the prism of tolerance, cooperation, and achievable educational solutions. By raising awareness of the importance of this project, you can help us reach even more children and families together.

We invite you to join and support the “Be a part of hope” campaign because together we can be part of changes in society and tell the story of the Music of Hope and how free music education builds a better society.

Read more information about the campaign at the official website.

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