Where Diplomacy Meets Healthy Nutrition

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is precious, taking care of health becomes essential

Maja Babić, expert in nutrition and health & wellness coaching, and founder of the MajaMayo Centre, provides support and advice to help people improve their eating habits and emotional health. Her impressive academic background, with training at prestigious institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and Harvard, makes her a reliable source of information on healthy nutrition and its effects on the body.

Where does diplomacy meet healthy nutrition?

The MajaMayo Centre (MMC) is a must-visit for impassioned participants in global business relations, diplomacy and economy. The MMC takes you on a journey focused on developing awareness and skills that will enable you to better understand yourself, just like you understand global market trends. In today’s fast-paced world, where time is precious, taking care of health becomes essential. The Western world increasingly recognises the value of health coaching in the field of nutrition and wellness, as a key tool for disease prevention and treatment.

What is Health Coaching in the field of nutrition and wellness?

Health coaching for nutrition and wellness is primarily a support and guide in achieving goals related to nutrition and physical and mental health. Health coaches are trained professionals who work with you to develop a personalised approach to your health. Their role is to help you set goals, develop strategies to achieve them, and maintain motivation. Whether it’s problems with weight, quality of nutrition, past illnesses or you simply want to change your habits.

Prevention is key

Health is much more than the treatment of disease. Prevention is key to maintaining health. Health coaching, especially at the MajaMayo Centre, helps in identifying risk factors in diet and daily life, and then in developing strategies to reduce them. Regardless of the goal, whether it is to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes or other chronic conditions, a health coach provides support and guidance for healthy weight loss and proper nutrition adapted to age and lifestyle.

Individual approach 

Every person is unique, including our body. Health coaching provides a personalised approach, taking into account your goals, lifestyle, preferences and health condition. A healthy lifestyle has a powerful therapeutic and preventive role for various diseases. A health coach helps you develop eating, physical activity and stress management habits that support your health.

What are the most common reasons people can’t lose weight?

The most common reasons for difficulty in losing weight include a lack of motivation and focus when changing habits. We often put off change until “next Monday” and resort to “cheat day” tactics after short-lived efforts. Setting unrealistic goals under the influence of the Internet, fast diets and marketing ploys is a common occurrence. Instead, you should set goals that are easily achievable. When we achieve several smaller goals, the motivation to continue increases. Diets often create a burden due to the constant feeling that we are “sticking to the diet”. I believe that it is better to make long-term life changes through adopting healthy habits and eliminating unhealthy ones, instead of temporary solutions.

This is exactly what makes MajaMayo’s approach to losing weight different from others that are present in our region. Weight loss is achieved through motivating and supporting the client, and this is the key approach used in the world today, quite the opposite of the conservative approach of imposing authority and bullying the client, which ultimately leads to the yo-yo effect and dissatisfaction. This programme helps our clients to develop a positive attitude towards themselves AND food. The goal is to be happy in the process of change AND to love it. My desire is to see a satisfied client, not a broken one.

Your health and wellbeing are important, and we are here to help you achieve your goals

What is LifeStyle Medicine or LM?

LifeStyle Medicine (LM) is an innovative approach to disease prevention that has developed in the West in recent years. This approach focuses on six key aspects of health: nutrition, physical activity, mental health, sleep, withdrawal from risky substances, and their interconnectedness. This global trend is supported by plenty of research, including studies conducted at Harvard, which confirm its effectiveness. The MajaMayo Centre is dedicated to supporting people in adopting healthy habits, especially through nutrition, in order to reduce their need for medication and improve their overall health. It is often possible to reduce the consumption of medication used on a daily basis.

What is the key element?

Nutrition has a wide impact on health and is a key element that affects all aspects of our lives. All elements are interconnected. A human being is a biological whole, therefore all factors are interrelated. Food affects the quality of sleep, and sleep has an effect on mood and physical activity level, which further affects productivity. Social relationships also play an important role. Factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic have a wide range of effects on individual health, including decreasing social interactions and increasing health risks.

Why was there a need for LM in the first place?

LM was founded in response to the reduction of life expectancy due to the neglect of key health factors and a fast-paced lifestyle, despite advances in medicine. Before the development of modern medicine and pharmacy, life expectancy was about 50 years, and thanks to diagnostics, pharmacy and modern medicine, we have extended life expectancy to 80 years. Unfortunately, the neglect of key factors and a fast-paced lifestyle have led to the reduction of life expectancy to 66 years. This is precisely the reason that encouraged experts from different fields to launch a completely new preventive direction, ie LM.

How do you see the future of lifestyle medicine and its impact on global healthcare?

You can already see the results of its application. In the last ten years, the number of obese people in the West has declined, which directly affects the reduction in cases of cardiovascular disease. Also, with the growing understanding that stress has a significant impact on the occurrence of thyroid disease, any advances in stress management will have a direct positive impact on healthcare. The healthcare system spends billions of dollars annually on the treatment of these diseases, while the application of LM can significantly reduce these costs.

What services do you currently offer?

Our centre currently provides a wide range of services, including nutrition, health and wellness coaching, psychotherapy, and physical activities tailored to individual client needs. We also deal with metabolic health and a range of therapies aimed at improving mental health, such as stress management and sleep management. In addition to individual programmes, we develop group activities through the organisation of various events, workshops, counselling, education and socialising, including group support. But I have to single out the Mindful Eating programme.

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is precious, taking care of health becomes essential

Mindful Eating and overcoming emotional eating 

Mindful Eating is a conscious approach to nutrition that helps people better understand their food needs, reducing the risk of overeating and emotional eating. Emotional eating is a form of overeating caused by emotional stress, and Maja Babić provides support and advice for recognising and overcoming this problem. Her approach focuses on understanding the causes of emotional eating and developing healthy strategies for managing stress and emotions, unlike the old methods where we impose authority over the client which then leads to the yo-yo effect.


MajaMayo Centre

The MMC is not just a nutrition centre; it is a place where you develop awareness and skills to help you better understand yourself and your body, just like you understand global market trends. As readers of Diplomacy and Commerce, you probably know the importance of understanding all aspects of the world we live in, including our own health.

We invite you to visit us and explore our services. Your visit to the MMC can be a step towards a healthier and happier life, while staying abreast of the latest developments in the world of diplomacy and trade.

At the MajaMayo Centre, we don’t just offer individual consultations. We also organise workshops, seminars and retreats for companies, aimed at developing healthy eating habits, reducing workplace stress and improving the emotional health of employees. These activities represent an investment in the wellbeing of employees, they encourage productivity and team harmony.

The MMC also serves as a meeting place for diplomacy and trade professionals, enabling the exchange of ideas and building bridges between the fields of business and healthcare.

Break for Yourself programme

As part of the “Break for Yourself” programme, our team provides high-quality coaching and support, with an emphasis on flexibility and adaptability in order to support clients worldwide, communicating in Serbian and English according to their preferences. Our mission is to help clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. ‘Your success is our priority, and we look forward to being a part of your journey toward personal and professional growth’.

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