Belgrade Dance Festival-BDF: ‘Capital City’

One of the most important artistic dance festivals in the world, the Belgrade Dance Festival will showcase an exceptional programme at this year’s, 15th edition that will take place from 15th March to 4th April, under the motto ‘Capital City’.

A total of 15 dance troupes, from Israel, Greece, the Netherlands, China, Norway, Australia, Great Britain, the USA, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Canada, will reveal 24 new choreographic creations at their guest appearances in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Prior to the Festival, the audiences will be able to see the screening of several films under the slogan The Dance Days at Film Archives (from 24th to 28th January), numerous workshops, master classes, exhibitions and presentations.

Thanks to the festival, Belgrade has become an important entry in professional biographies of artists who are trendsetters in the world of artistic dance and theatre, as well as a place where new productions are discovered and where both the newcomers and established artists are given the same amount of attention. The contemporary character of the festival’s programme has positioned this event on the international map, while, concurrently, the high standards and bold introduction of new forms, choreographic manuscripts and aesthetics have raised the expectations of the audiences and are dictating the challenges in creating content.

By revealing the artistic play through its utmost achievements, the Belgrade Dance Festival had gained a huge audience on its path to the jubilee 15th edition. Since its inception, over 330 choreographies have been presented, while the latest festival edition is going to be watched by close to 23,000 people and covered by over 120 accredited journalists from Serbia and abroad. At the same time, the event gives immense support to all interested dancers, teachers, choreographers and other artists, both in Serbia and in the region. Obtaining valuable information and establishing contact with foreign dance troupes have created additional opportunities, the possibility of getting scholarships and new engagements for young dancers, while the foreign choreographers, who were originally promoted at the festival, have been creating successful dance performances on the domestic dance scene.

The Belgrade Dance Festival has been developing owing to the support of the Serbian Ministry of Culture, embassies and cultural institutions from countries that participate in the festival, as well as the City of Belgrade. The long-standing cooperation with the Provincial Secretariat for Culture of AP Vojvodina is also significant in terms of promotion of artistic dance and implementation of the festival’s programme in Vojvodina. For the sixth consecutive year, the Belgrade Dance Festival is being staged in cooperation with the EU Delegation to Serbia.

As the main partner of the Belgrade Dance Festival, Vip Mobile has introduced a recognizable format of large companies investing in culture, while a jointly created slogan “Communication on the Move” reflects the strength of this cooperation that has lasted for 11 years. Vip contributes to the overall development of the artistic dance in Serbia through numerous projects, including the Vip Calls and Vip Step Forward awards, as well as the project for young dancers called Vip Talents.

Other sponsors of the Belgrade Dance Festival include Erste Bank and Visa which have been working on making the top-notch art widely available. There is also a valuable assistance from Nivea which is known for its quality, consumer trust, long tradition and investments in true values. Nestlé Adriatic, with its brand NESCAFÉ, has recognized this event as a partner with which it shares dedication to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle and inspiring good habits. The Hemofarm Foundation, DDOR Novi Sad, Eagle Hills Company which is implementing the Belgrade Waterfront project, Bambi, Imlek, HEINEKEN®, PARDON Marbo Product, Ball Packaging Serbia, Qatar Airways as the official airliner of the festival, Vahali Production Services, Karanović Law Office / Nikolic, Telegroup, and BeotelNet are all the traditional friends of the festival.

15th March, 20h | Sava Centre Dimitris Papaioannou

17th March, 20h | Sava Centre Vertigo

18th and 19th March, 20h | Terazije Theatre The Kristján Ingimarsson Company

20th March, 20h | Opera Madlenianum The Polish Dance Threatre

21st March, 20h | Srpsko Narodno Pozoriste Fei Bo, Edwaard Liang and Jorma Elo

22nd March, 20h| Beogradsko dramsko pozorište Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Russell maliphant

23rd March, 20h| Sava Centre, Fei Bo, Edwaard Liang and Jorma Elo

24th March, 20h| Atelje 212 (small stage) R.OSA

25th March, 20h| Sava Centre (stage) Zero Visibility Corp.

26th and 27th March, 20h | Pozorište na Terazijama Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

28th March, 20h | Beogradsko dramsko pozorište Dance On

29th March, 21h| Jugoslovensko dramsko pozorište Scapino Ballet

30th and 31st March, 20h| Opera Madlenianum Marie Chouinard The Garden of Earthly Delights

1st and 2nd April, 20h| Pozorište na Terazijama Peeping Tom Dance Company, Brussels

3rd April, 21h| Pozorište Atelje 212 Roy Assaf

3rd April, 20h | Srpsko narodno pozorište , 4th April, 20h| Sava Centre Sydney Dance Company

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