NLB Bank Belgrade opened a branch in Šabac in 2016, just during the time  of holding the Agriculture Fair, thus emphasizing its commitment to business with farmers

“In support of agro business we started in 2015, putting agriculture among the most important strategic priorities of our business. We have consistently strengthened support for this segment, increasing the number of placements from year to year. In 2017, we have invested almost 50 million euros in support of agriculture and reached a market share of over 10 percent” explained Biljana Petrović, director of the Department of Sales Management of Agro Business of NLB Banka, at the opening of this year’s Agriculture Fair in Šabac.

She pointed out that the excellent results of NLB Bank in their work with agriculture derive from the specific concept of the bank’s operations with this segment – NLB NA POLJE. This concept involves working with clients directly at farms, whereby Serbian hosts save time and get the right information in the right place, as well as the offer of products and services tailored to their specific business.

In its offer, NLB Bank has a wide range of products and services intended for farmers, from the opening and management of holding accounts, electronic and mobile banking, payment cards and loans for all household needs. The bank allows farmers to choose a loan type and repayment model that are in line with the phases of a specific type of production, which certainly varies, for example, cereal production, fruit growing, cattle breeding and other types of agricultural activities. In this respect, the repayment plan can be adjusted to the production cycle, and the installments are repayable in monthly, quarterly, six-month installments or after a year. The terms of financing are directly dependent on the type, amount and maturity of the loan, and are adjusted to the specific holding.

NLB Bank is dedicated to agriculture and in the domain of socially responsible business. In this segment, it has announced, for the seventh year in a row, the NLB Organic Competition for Organic Producers, to award the best three projects with an amount of one and a half million dinars.

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