Belgrade Dance Festival: Happiness is Danced!

Under the slogan “Happiness is danced”, the 13th edition of the Belgrade Dance Festival, from 19th March to 10th April, presents an attractive selection of titles from the world scene. The festival was preceded by the Days of Dance at the Cinematheque Yugoslav Film Archives (27th-31st Jan.), with a selection of award-winning dance films, as well as numerous workshops, presentations and exhibitions. The main programme in brief is as follows:

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19th March at 8pm | Sava Centre    The formal opening ceremony is marked by the fifth consecutive visit of the popular Nederlands Dans Theater to Belgrade, bringing with it two pieces choreographed by Paul Lightfoot and Sol León. Shoot the Moon introduces us to the radiance of the love lives of three different couples, while the use of stop-motion represents a technological novelty on stage, in combination with the melancholic music of Max Richter. The biggest surprise of the evening is the work of Belgian company Peeping Tom for the Nederlands Dans Theater. The work, entitled The Missing Door, is inspired by the intersecting of dance, theatre, art and life. France’s Figaro shows that “a mere five minutes of performing is enough for us to be sure that this troupe is one of the seven wonders of the world of theatre!”

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