Belgrade is becoming a regional centre of sustainable construction – “Ušće Tower Two” officially opened

UŠĆE Tower Two, a business centre of A + class, which represents a new investment of MPC Properties, the largest domestic real estate development company in the region, was officially opened today in the presence of representatives of the City of Belgrade, Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić and city planner Marko Stojčić. UŠĆE Tower Two has 22 floors and an area for rent of 23,200 m2, and the total value of the investment is 65 million euros.

Ingo Nissen, CEO of MPC Properties (Photo: MPC Properties)

UŠĆE Tower Two has 22 floors and an area for rent of 23,200 m2, and the total value of the investment is 65 million euros

Ingo Nissen, CEO of MPC Properties and Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić (Photo: MPC Properties)

Located in the heart of Belgrade, at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, UŠĆE Tower Two is characterized by excellent connection with all parts of the city, especially given the fact that the most visited shopping centre in the region, UŠĆE Shopping Centre, Museum of Contemporary Arts, but also a very rich ecosystem, are in its immediate vicinity. UŠĆE Tower Two has an underground garage with a net area of 21,000 m2 with a total of 740 parking spaces, which, together with the garage of UŠĆE Shopping Centre, provides a capacity of over 2,000 spaces for motor vehicles. This office building is characterized by a unique panoramic view of the capital, because, currently, there is no building that can provide such a postcard picture of Belgrade, given by a view from the UŠĆE towers.

Ideal place for business support and development

„Our new modern and prestigious office building was built in accordance with the highest standards of energy efficient green construction, and the confirmation for this is the BREEAM excellent certification. Our goal was to focus on employees, their comfort, health and safety and to offer them an innovative and creative work environment, and in that way help employers achieve maximum business performance. By introducing new standards on the market, Ušće Tower Two, along with the entire Ušće complex, is a measure of life and business of modern man”, said Ingo Nissen, CEO of MPC Properties.

UŠĆE Tower Two is the only “breathable building”, with a decentralized natural ventilation system integrated into the facade, which is a novelty on the domestic market, and which allows the supply of fresh air throughout the space. Climatic conditions in Serbia are ideal for the application of such an energy-efficient system which completely ventilates the space during the night, when the temperatures are pleasant, and during the day, it allows tenants to provide fresh air in their space with the push of a button. The internal height of the office space is 3m, which is also a market novelty, which allows greater penetration of daylight and a more pleasant stay in the building, all with the aim of creating a healthier working environment.

Ušće Tower Two (Photo: MPC Properties)

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