Berlin and Paris to Belgrade: Serbia belongs to EU, but has to meet conditions

The German ambassador to Serbia Thomas Schieb said on Wednesday the European Union wanted all the Western Balkans countries a part of the bloc as soon as they fulfilled the criteria focused on the rule of law, individual freedoms and protection of human rights, the FoNet news agency reported.

Taking part at the ceremony marking the 57th anniversary of the French-German Élysée Treaty of friendship and the first anniversary of their Franco-German Treaty of Aachen, Schieb added that Serbia and Western Balkans were historically, culturally and economically tightly connected.

“Germany and France will be Serbia’s sincere partners on its way to the EU membership,” Schieb said, and greeted the ceremony with: “Long Live France, Long live Germany, Long live EU, Long live Serbia.”

His French colleague and host Jean-Louis Falconi added that both Paris and Berlin were engaged into Serbia’s and other Western Balkans’ membership to the EU.

“That’s our common goal. Serbia has its place in the EU, but that means working on reforms both in the EU and here to unite the European family again,” Falconi said.

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